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» Overview: Services of a Strategic Partner

Tigercomm offers the spectrum of services you expect from a larger firm with a specialty firm's ability to tailor strategies, deliverables lists and media channel selection to meet each client's needs. Learn how our three core competencies help cleantech players increase sales, build brands and secure the fair policies that…more

» Attention Generation

Conferences, LinkedIn, cable TV, trade publications, and YouTube. There’s an explosion of communications channels to reach customers, investors, and government decision makers. But all those options lead to a lot of clutter, and stiff competition for one of the scarcest commodities in America: Attention.  With limited budgets and so many…more

» Marketing Communications and Positioning

In a competitive environment, using communications to generate leads and position your company ahead of competitors can be the difference between losing or closing a sale. We have a range of tailored services for cleantech companies that want to add impact to their direct outreach to business customers. Because we…more

» Communications Planning and Capacity Building

In today’s attention-scarce environment, you can’t break through to customers and investors without smart communications planning and the capacity to create and leverage media opportunities. Our people understand planning and capacity building because they were communicators for companies or organizations before they joined our team. We deliver on this core…more

» Tigercomm Digital

We design and drive winning digital strategies using a customized blend of the latest social media, content marketing and digital practices. Our team works to maximize our clients’ online reach through creative content and engagement. Content MarketingThe huge number of social media channels, blogs and search engines competing for eyeballs…more

Tigercomm is the leading cleantech PR, marketing communications and public affairs firm that’s helped over 55 clients increase sales, build brand and secure fair policies that build markets. From fast-rising startups to Fortune 500 powerhouses, we specialize in generating attention for companies through all types of communications channels using some of the best media, industry and government contacts in the business.

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